Yesterday turned out to be an excellent day.  I met with Professor Lee from Civil Engineering to discuss the lab session for CEE 431.  Not only was this productive, but we went to lunch, and I learned interesting points of view about education at American universities.  For one, the university system, as Professor Lee described it, follows logical cycles.  For the position he eventually was awarded at U of M, he knew that such an opening would only occur every 10 years, as professors may typically stay for over 30 years.  He knew this was an opportunity he could not pass up.  We also used this time to discuss BIM and how to promote it within Civil Engineering.  We are working with a student, Andy, who also shares a similar interest in learning BIM and applying it to construction.   Lastly, Professor Lee and I discussed the problems with high school education in other countries and the benefits of high school education in America.