Our last day in Mexico begins with bumper to bumper traffic ride through the city to Centro University.  We meet up with the industrial design students again, hearing a presentation on street furniture and the role of advertising in Mexico City.  We present our short narratives, and it is refreshing to hear different perspectives on the station we have all been intently working on understanding.  We exchange contact information and then hit the road again, arriving to the Mexico City airport for our flight to Dallas.  The flight is uneventful and peaceful, as I catch up on sleep from the night before.  We finally make it home from Dallas to Ann Arbor, and we are all glad to enjoy a warm shower and clean clothes again, even though the place is an ice box compared to Mexico.

Generally, I have been impressed by Mexico City, but not as much by the city, as by the people.  Their hospitality and personable nature have made us appreciate who they are, and what there culture means.  As we all know, you cannot visit a place once, so let us hold our “Adios” for another time.