As the semester is racing forward, I am going to post as regularly as possible.  This is not only to give my readings greater insight into the learning occurring here but also to help me organize my thoughts amidst the wonderful “data deluge”.

For studio, we began with presentations about the Netherlands. Of interest to us is that this country has basically created all its own land, filling in water with earth.  Professor McCullough stated that the “opposition of nature and artifice does not exist.”  In this respect, I think we begin to see a much different way of designing and building, with a totally different set of priorities.

In discussion about the formation of Amsterdam, we discussed how the design of older cities came with a greater amount of social duties.   As a Calvinist founded country, they like “large windows” not only for daylight, but so that people could not hide anything.  In this place, many people ride bikes and it is a more than viable means of transportation.  It was said, “To have big box stores, you have to have everyone in a car.”  In this case, the car has shaped our urban landscape, while the bicycle in Amsterdam, has shaped theirs.

Keep you posted!