Currently we are in Florence. I haven’t been able to post much recently as we’ve been traveling quite a bit and internet has been expensive. I’ve been keeping a hand written journal and here are some excerpts from these past few days:

Wednesday 20.01 Venice, Italy

The cold today freezed us through and through. The beautiful city of Venice stood shadowed by a white fog, a layer of mystery added to the place. The flamboyant San Marco stands against the white facades of the piazza, a gold sheep among a family of white. Five flags flap in the wind; chimeras stand on pillars, golden lions with wings poised for flight; pink panes of glass of the piazza street lights give life to the bitter cold.

We stare across the water at Palladio’s San Georgio church, its triangular pediment held aloft by four massive white columns. The facade stands white, like a mask of a Venetian festival, resting smoothilng on a nave of red brick with a copper cupola. Our professor Ted Woldner speaks to us, his leopard black and amber corbusier glasses stark against his face; his eyes implore us to think, his hand clinching into an open fist, as if to hold Palladio’s great thoughts in his hand. We try to speak, knowing the answer, but its as if the cold has frozen our nerves, our thoughts, and our words in our throat.

Although cold, we enjoyed Venice greatly. We are in Florence now and are looking forward to a busy day tomorrow. Thanks for following!