Today, we’ve traveled through the country side to visit two very different coastal cities.

We arrived at Nice after traveling on a road that winded on the side of the mountain. From the bus, the ground disappeared before our eyes and we were left seeing nothing but the sea below. The color of the water here at Nice is nothing like you’ve ever seen, or only what you’ve seen in your crayons on color pencils. Its that azure blue, as bright as you’ve ever seen it. It is market day on Sunday and there is a bustle of activity of people selling and buying fruits, vegetables, sandwiches, and pizzas. We’ve found a baguette place and bought some delicious dessert like treat to complement the breakfast I stole from the hotel buffet (its a petty crime here).

As we were driving out to Nice, grafiti appeared on barns, road barriers, and anything vertical that had yet defied the natural decay of the earth. It was as if the toxicity of the city had leaked out into the countryside, appearing in colored spots in a field of green Where we drove, it looked like an American walmart and fastfood had appeared, only the names were distinctly French. I wanted to scream at them; don’t copy America’s model, it can’t last forever. They, however, want everything we have, including homes in the suburbs and long drives to work. We are learning greatly about city planning and it should help us in help us to design the future of America’s cities.

I’ll talk about Ez on another trip. I’m trying to make it to breakfast!