We have had a great day today. To start off with, we met our tour guide at the Palais de Papes, the Palace of the Popes. This was the residence of the pope during the Great Schism of the Church. Seven popes lived in Avignon, as the Vatican remained unsafe due to rival fueds between italian families. Because of the palaces`s hasty construction, built in under 14 years, it changed significantly and seemed to lack clear intentions. Furthermore, over seven popes lived at the palace, thus each individual`s tastes became apparent. As we winded through the palace, the interior changed from rectangular ambassador halls to square papel bedrooms to conical shape kitchen spaces. This change in spatial experience created an interesting sequence and helped us to understand the 13th and 14th century architecture as related to interior activities.

From the papel palace, we visited the most modern structure of the city, the TGV train station. This station grew from the earth like the stone-built shepherd`s hut vernacular of the region. Concrete panel`s layered the exterior like a armadillo, protecting the habitants inside where white curvilinear steel columns met the train platform`s like the animal`s strong ribs. The interior space exhibited materials vernacular to french farming, including lattice work palette like wall treatments and dark wood covered floors. Dual ramps pulled visitors up to there platform, creating an experience that brought to their attention the curvature of the space.

Today has been the first day that there has been some tension between group members, mostly due to indecisiveness and impatience. As we get more familiar with eachother we will be able to understand eachother better. On to Monte Carlo and Nimes! Thanks for following!