Today, we arrived in Avignon, France. As we road on the train, we passed countrysides filled with grapevines, the strong vines standing straight with gnarled limbs against the dark brown, nearly black earth. Our ride of four hours soon came to an end and we found ourselves in front of our tour guide in Avignon.

Immediately, we were taken to the Pont du Gard, a Roman Aqueduct built to bring water to the French city of Nimes. The Pont du Gard is of a grand scale; the portion we crossed spanned a length of at least 600 feet at 10 stories tall. We approached it from the forest. Between the delicate tree canopy, the sun goldened, masonry shown through the trees; blotting the sky from entering my view. Emerging from the forest, the gigantic structure presents itself at many different scales of understanding: the base stones are of a two foot thickness, comprising six massive arches. The arches diminish in size, the higher the structure goes. Limestone blocks jut from the structure, hinting to the wooden forms used to achieve the exact proportions.

For dinner, we enjoyed crepes, a thin pancake dish filled with meats, cheeses or vegetables. Currently, my friend Misha and I are at a French internet cafe; the numbers and letters are all switched up so its taking extra long to type this blog!