Although we´ve been told the night life is excellent in Barcelona, my friends and I are not going to have time to experience it. We are catching an early train to the Avignon, France, tomorrow and must be awake by 6:15.

As we are walking outside tonight in search of the internet cafe, we walk cross the street in one of the octoganal intersections they have here. We walk by an open door, and come upon some dumpsters closer to the intersection. A man is pulling his hand from the trash, as if he´s taking the trash out from a local restaurant he owns. His shirt is white;he looks respectful, nice. A lady of 30ish, stands next to him, scarf around her neck, also in respectful clothes; she´s examining a four pack of yogurt, as if she is in a grocery store, reading the label for its ingredients. Its then that I realize that these people are looking for their dinner tonight. As tourists, we see nothing of the true life of the city. As I mentioned earlier in my blog, unemployment here is 22%; it must touch absolutely everyone. In the States, we are not doing well, but things are not that bad either.

I´m finishing up at the internet cafe. I´m using an internet keyboard, so it takes me a second to find the shift key and to learn how to make the special characters for english pages.