Today has been rather exciting. Its raining here in Granada, but that does not stop us from exploring the rest of the city. Our first destination, the Chapel of Santa Maria, houses a variety of Christian paintings from the Flemish School. After this, we found a fresh food market. In each of the areas of the market, customers bartered with sellers, slicing meats, weighing vegetables, or selling bread. This type of market is a place of activity and stimulation. When we finished our exploration of the market, we headed to Universidad de Granada, a university that hosts over 60,000 students per year and which provides a basis, along with tourism, for the economy of Granada. We arrived at the sciences building. As we walked the hallway, which surrounded an interior courtyard. Brightly painted yellow shuttered opened into the hallway, bringing light into the hallway in a syncopated pattern of light, dark, light, dark yellow color.

We headed towards a local tapas bar around lunch, and enjoyed tapas and a cerveza (beer) or sangria. The tapas bars serve as places of discussion among friends; the dark lighting and small scale provide an intimate space for such activity.

Most people were tired today and the rain detoured much of the rest of the group from going out. Misha, my close friend of four years, and I headed towards the river and discovered the cultural center of Andalusia, the southern region of Spain. This cultural center, comprised of a 10 story tall rectangular tower anchored by a square, 3 story base, provided a framework for an engaging learning experience. The exhibits in the museum were digital; some allowed for you to point at places on the screen and interact with the tvs in a way similar to your computer mouse. The museum, geared to cultural exploration of Andalusia, provided many interesting ideas for us regarding our “narrative” that we will be composing for our design studio project.

Currently, I am typing to you from a sleeper train car from Granada to Barcelona. The sleeper cars have four person bunk bed rooms and an aisle way pushed to one side of the car. We played cards earlier and are watching a movie now before we head to sleep. Catch you up in Barcelona!