The day started at the riveting hour of 5:30 a.m. We arrived to the train station via coach bus and proceeded to the security checkpoint. Moving as a group of 42 people, with backpacks, bags, and carry ons is quite a cumbersome process. Upon reaching security, we were informed that we had to stamp our tickets downstairs. After quickly taking care of this, we breezed through security and managed to catch the train to Cordoba with 10 minutes to spare.

Cordoba is a quaint medeival city with white, brown, and yellow pastel colored buildings. Known for its Islamic influences, Cordoba boasts the Mosque at Cordoba, which served as a testament to the power of Islam during the time of the Spanish empire.

The Mosque’s integration of landscape architecture, including an orange tree plaza and its ensuing microclimate surrounded by a colonade, make it a special place to visit. The oranges of the trees constrast with the blue sky adding an element of beauty to the space.

Inside the Mosque, its collonaded structure illustrated several different expansions, including an alteration to make the mosque a cathedral.

Upon leaving Cordoba, we arrived at Seville via train. We proceeded to leave the Hotel Catalonia and traipsed across the sitting, surprised by the density of pedestrian life on this Friday night. We caught a bite to eat at a local spanish restaurant, which could probably be compared to an American Denny’s. We are tired from lack of sleep last night and are looking forward to seeing Seville tomorrow.