Its quite miraculous we have gotten to Madrid. Upon arrival to the airport, the it was not snowing, but there was very dense fog. The plane, however, left on time and we arrived at Madrid around 10:00. We are staying in the “old” part of the city, which is approximately 400 years old. The capital of Spain was moved from Toledo to Madrid at this time. In regards to the rest of Europe, this is a “new” city.

After getting to our hotel Ganivet, we walked north to the Plaza Mayor, where they hosted bull fighting matches. From this large plaza, we walked west to Palacia de Real , looking for food along the way. Most of us “gophered” this morning, eating as much food as possible. (to save on euros and make less hassle finding lunch etc.) We foun a great place for dinner, and I had pollo arrosto, euvos, and papas fritas. Although a little rusty on my Spanish, we were able to get everything we needed, be polite, and tip the waiter.

We got back to the hotel around 12:30 a.m. We catch a trian at 7:00 to Cordoba. The Great Mosque is one of the places I’m most looking forward to the most! Adios!

Best wishes with the start of school on Monday!