360 World: 1080 Perspective

Arch1080 calls us as architects, designers, and citizens to go beyond the norm, see issues from multiple perspectives, and make commitments to the values we develop as part of an ongoing conversation about the built environment’s role in society.

I’m starting this blog to raise awareness of problems within our built environment that architects and all citizens alike should be aware of, should think about, and should questions as our world becomes more global. My study abroad next semester as part of
Ball State University’s “World Tour 4” will be an immersive design-travel experience to over 20 countries in the course of 97 days. This trip will provide the opportunity to reflect on global issues from an architecture student’s perspective. I aim to raise awareness for economic, social, and cultural problems, creating a conversation about the means in which architects, engineers, and local communities can work together to provide help to those in need.

A few prominent people have been an influence on this idea of mine, including Wes Janz, Professor of Architecture at Ball State University. As part of his book, One Small Project, he has shed light on “millions of people who have used their own architectural ingenuity and unrelenting pride to construct for themselves a place to call home, despite some of the worst living conditions on the planet today.” His academic and professional work aim to improve and raise awareness for those in the public realm.

One Small Project


At the College of Architecture and Planning at Ball State University, I had the opportunity to meet Cameron Sinclair as part of the Guest Lecture Series. Talking about his fledging start-up and the passion and motivation he used to create a positive impact was outstanding. His visionary leadership and his confidence that architecture is called to greater missions has been two ideas that have been nurtured and developed in me over my past four school years. He still works towards bettering global communities and can be viewed at http://www.architectureforhumanity.org/.

These posts will be frequent and very interesting both on the Tour, and before.
Our conversation has started, so let the fun begin!